Why IELTS and why at Will Academy?

Why IELTS?  IELTS is the world’s most respected and popular English language test for higher education and global migration. It is the Gold Standard testing system for the language. Accepted by over 10,000 institutions of higher learning around the world including 7,000 in the U.S. only, as well as the top 50 colleges and universities with the most international students.


Why IELTS at Will Academy?


After 6 years of teaching IELTS at some of the most recognized Language Schools in HCMC, I quickly realized that, in general, the quality of preparation and training provided, was not good enough to achieve higher than average scores.


The three biggest problems with studying IELTS at language schools is that the majority of the instructors are not seasoned IELTS teachers. Next, the syllabuses are designed more to complete a course on time rather than to teach the most essential skills to achieve the highest exam scores. In other words, teachers teach from books, they don’t teach to the descriptors. Lastly, not enough time is devoted to teaching specific skills as they relate to the exam.


With IELTS at Will Academy you will receive the personal attention of a tutor because that is what I do. Even with small classes of 10 or fewer, I provide individual attention when and where needed.


While no school can guarantee you a band score. What I can personally guarantee is that if you study IELTS at Will Academy with me, you will learn the skills and strategies to realistically achieve a band score of 6.5 to 8.5.


Now, all that stands between you and your dreams is your motivation and your commitment to learn.


Contact me now to schedule a time when you and your parents can stop by Will Academy to discuss your needs.


The Introduction, Foundation and Advanced courses every student should complete. These courses focus on and teach all four skills tested on the exam, and the 3 courses are progressive.


As a general rule course position is determined by an assessment test. For example, if you have never studied IELTS, but have a fairly good command of English then you would begin with Introduction and work your way through the additional 2 courses as needed.


Specific Skills are comprehensive courses designed as supplements. They provide intensive practice in the skill or skills that you may need additional practice before taking the IELTS exam.