What I am most thrilled about is having full control over the material that I use to prepare all of you to take the IELTS exam. Having the flexibility to spend additional time on specific areas outlined in the University of Cambridge band descriptors is a luxury not afforded in language schools, who mostly work within a prescribed structure.

More importantly, the philosophy of which, if you do well then I do well.  This is to say that, if after studying at Will Academy and you achieve your desired IELTS score, or better yet exceed it, then you will, in essence, become an ambassador for Will Academy.  Therefore I have a vested interest in you doing well.

I am a staunch believer in that the effort you put forth today will refund you twofold in the future.  Therefore, in a simply stated prose, those are as I see them, the real values of owing your own business.


William Leach