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you will absolutely adore him!!!!

In the beginning, I didn’t have a good impression about mr.will.Since he is a picky guy and especially that he is so honest. However, after learning with him for several months, I realized that he was a nice teacher who always wanted the best  for his students. 

He also has a great sense of humor and I always laugh out loud due to his jokes. In addition, I have learned many things from him, like the style of writing or how to speak like a native, which will help my future career. 

All in all , he is totally an experienced , reliable teacher, even though , you may not like him at first but then you will absolutely adore him!!!!

Btw, I got a band 7.0 on my IELTS exam, all because of Will.   Listen to what he says and follow his advice.  

RMIT 2019

8.5 – Will is an amazing IELTS coach.

With many years of experience in teaching IELTS, he not only taught me English but also the art of taking this difficult exam. He helped me become more aware of what examiners are looking for in each section of the test, and knowing this, I’m in a much better position to showcase my English skills. He always has his student’s best interest at heart, and will structure to lesson plan to take into consideration his student’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them improve in the shortest time frame. He’s also very friendly and easy-going, which makes lessons with him very enjoyable. Again, I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help Will!

Anh Vo Ngoc Quynh
The Alfred Hospital - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2018

Why studying at Will Academy is so important

This story from Jenny explains why studying with Will at Will Academy is so important.

I am in my first year at Iowa State University., and I just completed my very first writing assignment in my critical writing class, which I received an 88%.  Every student had to meet personally with the professor to receive their grade as well as discuss their methodology for their writing.

The professor asked me if I had studied with a native english teacher in Vietnam.  I told her yes, his name is Will and he is from Chicago.  The professor said, tell him he did a good job with you.

The professor knew, based on my writing, that I had an American English teacher.  Studying with Mr Will helped me immensely since writing is essential at the collegiate level.

I got a 7.0 overall – 8.0 in Speaking

The training I had at Will Academy was not easy, yet, Mr. Will’s dedication to his students together with the friendly academic environment helped me to reach my IELTS goal.  In short, joining Will Academy was a wise decision.

Nguyen Minh Phuong
Victoria High School, Victoria Canada 2017

Will is a responsible and enthusiastic teacher

I had studied with Mr. Will more than 2 years ago and achieved a 6.5, since then I have attended a university here in HCMC, but now for the fall of 2107 I have decided to apply at a university in the U.S.  However, to earn a scholarship I need a 7.0, so I re-enrolled at Will Academy for a 60 hour crash course with the aim of improving my skills in order to achieve my desired band score of 7.0, which I did.  As a result, I met my goal and that 7.0 will earn me a scholarship to Iowa State University.

Mr. Will is a responsible and enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humor. Especially, when he talks about his life stories and his previous work, which is really interesting to me.

Special thanks to Mr. Will for helping me pursue my IELTS score goal and change my life.

Thuỷ Tiên (Jenny)
Iowa State University 2017

I reached my target score 7.0

Will Academy is a great place to prepare for IELTS. At first, I was completely unfamiliar with IELTS, But after 2 courses I reached my target score 7.

Mr.Will is an experienced and funny teacher who is thoroughly aware of the exam’s key points and tips, and can provide value related documents. Specific skills will be focused on dependent of each student needs. Great atmosphere during classes. Furthermore, demo tests are conducted as same as the real one helps me to prepare better.


Huy Nguyen

Mr. Will, an absolutely enthusiastic teacher

I had studied at Will Academy for about 5 months with the aim of improving my IELTS score. My IELTS skills at first were very poor borderline awful, but after the course, I have improved them considerably, especially my writing skills.

Special thanks to Mr. Will, who had provided me with a great deal of his precious experience. Had it not been for Mr. Will’s help, I would not have enhanced my English skills to become better.

As a result, this spring I am off to the US for my freshman year of college.


Ly Minh Thy
Texas USA 2017

I’m going to Australia

My name is Van Thanh, I’m 15 years old and because of Will’s help I am going to finish my last 2 years of high school in Melbourne Australia. I took the test on Dec 10 2016 and on Christmas Eve I received my results. I got a 6.5 on the IELTS exam.

Thank you so so much Mr Will for pushing me hard to meet and exceed my objective. Because of your dedication to teaching IELTS, my life is soon going to change.


Van Thanh (Nicky)
Melbourne Australia 2016

Mr Will, the best teacher I have ever had

I studied an IELTS course at Will Academy and I found Mr. Will to be the best teacher I have ever had.  He showed me many IELTS tips, which helped me achieve my target goal of a 6.5.  Furthermore, he is very friendly and consciences, and that is why I was able to reach my goal of a 6.5.

It’s interesting because before I stared I had only scored a 5.0. After one course with him my skills increased a lot. The last thing I want to say is that you should listen to him, i didn’t listen, and as a result I did badly in writing.  Looking back, I admit I didn’t give nearly 100%, as I missed too many classes. I can only wonder, had I committed myself how high of score I could have achieved.


Thái Hưng
HAMK Finland - fall 2016

I got a 7.5 overall. . . an 8.0 in writing

Of all the IELTS teachers I have had studied with, Mr. Will is the most outstanding.

He has vast experienced with the test, and he really cares about his students and their improvement. He did not mind spending 2 hours on a single writing, giving you the best advice and the most detailed instructions.

When I first started to study for IELTS I was a very bad writer, but Mr. Will helped me with all my problems and he motivated me a great deal, which eventually helped me got an 8 in writing, something I would never expect if I hadn’t met him.

He also helped me a lot with my speaking. He taught me how to plan a well-structured monologue for the test and showed me hot to handle a conversation like a native speaker.

Furthermore, he has a good sense of humor, is extremely caring and inspiring. In general, Mr. Will is the best IELTS teacher ever and I wish I had met him earlier.

I got a 7.5 overall and an 8.0 in writing. Thank you Mr.Will!

Tran Khanh An
RMIT - June 2016

This is amazing!

Dear Will Academy,

My sons James (Hong Duc) and Jason (Hong Phuc) have received their IELTS results. James got 7.0 and Jason got 6.5. This is amazing! They finally are up to my expectations.

I want to thank you so much for helping them achieve these results.  I must say that they did enjoy your lessons, although the time of study was not long enough.

Thanks again and wish you great success.

Best Regards,
Lien Huong

Lien Huong
June 2016

Will helped me to get a 7.0

After my initial visit to Will Academy and talking to Mr Will for the very first time, I felt that he’s someone who really understands how to get students a high IELTS band score. He has great broad knowledge about everything and that makes his classes enjoyable. I wanted at least a 6.5 and Mr Will helped me to get a 7. It could have been a 7.5, but it was good nonetheless. His examination advice and methods are spot-on. It was a privilege to study with him for 2 months or so.

Dinh Hong Duc ( James)
University of Toronto - June 2106

Thanks Will, 7.5 overall and an 8.0 in speaking. Wow!

I’m glad that I studied at Will Academy

When I first started studying IELTS at Will Academy, I thought that it will be similar to other courses that I have attended at Cleverlearn, where I just showed up, got bored, learned nothing and went home, but it turned out more than I expected.

Mr.Will is awesome. He has knowledge in basically anything and it’s interesting to spend time chatting with him. Throughout more than 150 hours of study time, his preparation processes paid off and I achieved a 7.5 overall on the IELTS exam, and I got an 8.0 in Speaking. Wow!

Trương Ngọc Bảo Hân
RMIT - April 2016

Thank you for helping me achieve a 7.5

I went to Will Academy after scoring a 6.5 on the IELTS exam in an effort to reach my goal of 7.5  Will designed a 33 hour course, mainly because that is all the time I had.

I just want to say Thank you for helping me to improve my score. Your tips, advice and writing techniques were very helpful during the exam, also it was very fun and interesting to study with you. I feel very satisfied to get a 7.5 overall.

Hoang Lan
RMIT - Jan 2016

I got an 8.0

I had the good fortune to study with Mr. Will. He is undoubtedly one of the most experienced teachers around, whose properly-structured techniques gave me the boost I needed for my English skills. What really makes him stand out is that he is a serious and forthright teacher who doesn’t hesitate to give low scores and criticism so as to push his students to try harder. To add to that, he is very dedicated and doesn’t mind spending an hour or two correcting one student’s work and giving detailed advice; he would often give me some quick pep talks as well, which encouraged me a lot during my study. Thanks to his help, I’ve achieved my most satisfying score – an 8.0 in IELTS.

Nhien Thanh Le

Mr. Will is awesome!

Mr. Will is awesome!

Mr. Will is a friendly, whole- hearted and humorous teacher. Not only does he provide many helpful skills in preparing for IELTS he adds levity to reduce the stress in class. In addition, he offers unique solutions for the Writing tasks, which can earn you a high score.

Will helped build my confidence in IELTS which lead to a better score. Equally important, he gave us methods so that I could practice myself and also expand my vocabulary. Mr.Will seems to be a friend and a leader who points you to a better future.

Nguyễn Hiền Trung Nhân
Lawrence S. Ting School

Far better than any language center.

Best IELTS academy ever!

I have been studying English for 9 years, and I have studied in the most famous English centers in Viet Nam, like ILA, AMA and VUS, but none of them gave me the confidence to take the IELTS exam that Will Academy did.

The environment is very professional with all accessories, I must say,  are far better than any language center.

However, the most important point that I want to make about Will Academy is how it stands out from the rest.  The quality he guaranteed when I took the IELTS exam. Will is very dedicated and skillful and he knew exactly what I needed and boosted it to my limit.

I took the IELTS test on June 27 2015 and I got 7.0. Thanks to Will Academy. It certainly is the place to develop your future.

Nguyễn Trân
Lawrence S. Ting School

He is fantastic!

Mr. Will Leach is very friendly, experienced and humorous. About his teaching, he provides students extremely effective methods in preparing for the IELTS test as well as useful strategies which will help students get higher scores.

Certainly, he played an important role in helping me achieve a 7 in IELTS, without him, I think I wouldn’t get this far.



Lê Hữu Thông
Lawrence S. Ting School

I can see the significant improvement in my English

Mr. Will is an enthusiastic, scholarly and responsible person.

I have studied with you for only 3 months, but I can see the significant improvement in my English especially in IELTS. As a student, I want to say thanks to Mr.Will for being such a great teacher. You’ve helped me a lot and it was my honor to have been your student.

July 12, 2015


Mark Hoang
Lawrence S. Ting School

I got a 7.0 studying at Will Academy

Mr. Will Leach is the most “badass” teacher I have ever studied with. Not just because of the skills and theories he taught us, but also the way he delivered them, simple but effective. Especially in speaking lessons, instead of forcing us to “consume” all of the idioms in his books, he added them into our informal conversations, which helped us understand and remember them.

He also taught us how to use the suitable phrases, vocabulary and how to not having silly mistakes in writing.  As for reading and listening, most of the time studying with Mr. Will, he always encouraged us to keep practicing at home. Although he knew only about half of us would do what he said, after every classes, he still reminded us about training ourselves because all he wanted was to make us better. Overall, Mr. Will is the world’s best IELTS teacher of all time, he always put 100% effort into every lessons. If you are struggle with or a beginner in IELTS, you know who is your “savior”.

On June 27, 2015 I took the IELTS exam and I got a 7.0

Justin Le Nguyen
Lawrence S. Ting School

Will Academy was one of the best choices

I found Will Academy randomly and got to study IELTS there for about 3 weeks in March 2015 before taking the IELTS exam. I needed a 4.5 to graduate from high school, but I knew nothing about the test . Mr. Will is a dedicated teacher. He helped my friends and I a lot in 10- hour crash course. He meticulously walked us through the descriptors and skill sets while providing invaluable tips. Finally, I achieved my 6.5 overall score. I really appreciated Mr. Will and what he has done for not only me but my friends also. Will Academy was one of the best choices that I have ever made. Thank you so much!!!

Vu Tan Uyen - aka Yukie Tu
James Cook University Singapore

your teaching will help them to get higher scores

They have not been studying with you too long, but I see that their English is much better and they are more confident. I believe that your teaching will help them to get higher scores.



LE Thanh Minh Tam
Country Manager

but also in real life situations

My name is Nhu Nguyen and I’m senior at Ho Chi Minh City University of Law. In 2011, I took a speaking and listening course for TOEFL lecturing taught by Mr. Will.  After taking the course, I felt more confident when communicate with foreigners. He was very helpful and offered tips on how to break the ice among students in class.  He also created the ideal environment for us to practice speaking, not only in class but also in real life situations. Studying with Mr Will give me a big chance to improve my English fluency.

Nhu Nguyen
Ho Chi Minh City University of Law

Improved my skills after 6 months

Mr. Will was my IELTS teacher 5 years ago. I found that I truly improved my skills after 6 months of studying  with him, especially my speaking and listening skills. Moreover, he also has a great attitude and paid a lot of attention to his student’s abilities. From there, he has a different approach to certain students depending on their strengths and weaknesses.

Outside the class, he is social, friendly and has a good sense of humor. I had a great time on the last day of the course with my classmates and him. I would totally recommend him for those who want to improve their English skills while preparing for the IELTS exam.

Chau San
Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, Lucerne Switzerland

Thanks Will, for teaching me the best English ever!

I providentially met Will when I was looking for an IELTS certificate, as a mandatory component, to study abroad. His good mood of teaching and professional approach strengthened my English skills and also helped build my confidence communicating in English.  After 6 months,  I was able to achieve a sufficient IELTS score to earn a scholarship in Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands, which is ranked the top five best Universities in Agriculture in the World.

After earning my Masters I was offered a Regulatory Specialist position at Dow AgroSciences, a member of Dow Chemical Corporation in Vietnam. If I recall, it all started with Will’s class .

Nowadays, he still sometimes helps to correct my grammar mistake if i ask. That is what I respect most about him, an experienced IELTS and devoted teacher. When I learned that he opened Will Academy, I think this is best chance for me to write something to acknowledge and present his best to everybody.

Thanks Will, for teaching me the best English ever!


Lam, Khai Thanh - Regulatory Specialist
Dow AgroSciences B.V.

Mr. Will is actually very flexible in calibrating his methods

Mr. Will ( or as I often call “Teach” since it rhymes with “Leach” ) drilled us through toefl with great dedication, that is tons of classwork. The test would be tackled with utmost ease if and only if you follow his steps and remember his tricks; not paying attention will result in lower scores (obviously)

As rigid as it might sound, Mr. Will is actually very flexible in calibrating his methods to each student’s preferences because afterall, not everyone has the same approach to English, and they never should.

Anyways I was kinda lackey but I got 102 nevertheless, it came to be a big help afterwards to get me into the best design school in the US, RISD. Although it’s an art school, requirements are high (98 toefl minimum) and I was glad I took Will’s class. That’s it I guess.


Hien Dang 
Rhode Island School of Design

He certainly played a big part

Will Leach was my TOEFL teacher back in 2010-2011. He’s experienced and very friendly. His methods, as I recalled, are simple yet very effective. He certainly played a big part in helping me achieve my dream of studying abroad in the United States. 



Khôi Trịnh
University of Oklahoma 

He is experienced, helpful, and friendly.

Mr. Will Leach shows you how to write and speak English using the right terms, vocabulary, and idioms. When it comes to reading, you will get to learn to identify authors’ main ideas and tone. In terms of listening, he provides you with effective note-taking techniques. He is experienced, helpful, and friendly.  Now studying at Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA.


Trần Cúc Hạ
Contra Costa College, San Pablo, CA.