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Will Academy is a small privately owned and operated state of the art English classroom specializing in IELTS test preparation and general English. 

Over 10 Years of Teaching IELTS

Teaching People of All Ages English Language for Academia, Business, Travel, & Fun! 

My primary focus continues to be English proficiency preparation courses, because what I teach will enable you to achieve your IELTS dreams of studying aboard better than any other language school in Viet Nam. At Will Academy we build IELTS skills, and our objectives are high.

Maximum ideal class size is 10 at Will Academy.

Language Certificates

We provide certification after each completed courses.

British Council

Will Academy is an Official British Council IELTS registration Partner.

10 Years of Experience

Teaching excellence to students on a daily basis.

A Little bit more about me

Our Story

After 6 years of teaching IELTS at some of the most recognized Language Schools in HCMC, I quickly realized that, in general, the quality of preparation and training provided, was not good enough to achieve higher than average scores.

The three biggest problems with studying IELTS at language schools is that the majority of the instructors are not seasoned IELTS teachers. Next, the syllabuses are designed more to complete a course on time rather than to teach the most essential skills to achieve the highest exam scores. In other words, teachers teach from books, they don’t teach to the descriptors. Lastly, not enough time is devoted to teaching specific skills as they relate to the exam.

With IELTS at Will Academy you will receive the personal attention of a tutor because that is what I do. Even with small classes of 10 or fewer, I provide individual attention when and where needed.

Students Actually



Language Courses


Why Learn With Me?


Teaching IELTS for Over 10 Years

6 years of teaching IELTS at some of the most recognized Language Schools in HCMC before opening Will Academy in 2013.


Over 5,000 Graduates

successfully passed the language test for higher education and global migration, thanks to Will Academy.


Located in the Heart of Ho Chi Minh city

Our school is in District 7, adjacent to Phu My Hung.


World Class Educator

Friendly and attentive, my courses are fit to your profile and existing skills.


Your Teacher


William Leach

I am Will Academy and I am an American.

Holding a degree in Marketing and with over 25 years experience working in Corporate America.

I am a Cambridge Certified teacher with 8 years experience teaching Vietnamese students from 4-40+ years of age.  With a particular emphasis  on English Proficiency Test preparation, namely IELTS.

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What Our Students Say

With many years of experience in teaching IELTS, he not only taught me English but also the art of taking this difficult exam. He helped me become more aware of what examiners are looking for in each section of the test, and knowing this, I’m in a much better position to showcase my English skills. He always has his student’s best interest at heart, and will structure to lesson plan to take into consideration his student’s strengths and weaknesses, helping them improve in the shortest time frame. He’s also very friendly and easy-going, which makes lessons with him very enjoyable. Again, I would like to sincerely thank you for all your help Will!

Anh Vo Ngoc Quynh

The Alfred Hospital – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2018

I’m going to Australia

My name is Van Thanh, I’m 15 years old and because of Will’s help I am going to finish my last 2 years of high school in Melbourne Australia. I took the test on Dec 10 2016 and on Christmas Eve I received my results. I got a 6.5 on the IELTS exam.

Thank you so so much Mr Will for pushing me hard to meet and exceed my objective. Because of your dedication to teaching IELTS, my life is soon going to change.

Van Thanh (Nicky)

Melbourne Australia 2016

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Will Academy provide media-rich English language courses that helps teach mixed-ability classes. It understands that no two students are the same in their learning styles and allows you to tailor learning to individual needs.

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